School Direct (Salaried)

The LWA SCITT offers two routes: Schools Direct (Tuition Fee); and Schools Direct (Salaried)

School Direct (Salaried)

  • This is a school-led teacher training programme run by the LWA SCITT partnership who certify successful trainees.
  •  Those students who opt for a School Direct (salaried) training programme are employed by the school as unqualified teachers whilst they learn on-the-job. Consequently, salaried trainees will be expected to teach classes solo from the start of their training.
  • This is an employment-based route for high quality, experienced graduates with ideally at least three years’ work experience in any field. You will need to demonstrate at interview that you are able to teach solo from the start of the programme.
  • You will earn a salary while you train and will not need to pay any fees towards your QTS.   


  • Through the LWA SCITT, trainees on the salaried route also complete the PGCE (M level) through our partnership with Roehampton University. This is integrated into our training programme and incurs no additional fees.
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